Super Therm® insulation coatings in the Agriculture Industry

Super Therm® has many cost-reducing, profit-enhancing agricultural benefits. Testing has shown the use of Super Therm® on farms, piggeries and poultry houses greatly lowers inside temperature and humidity levels, which reduces the death-rate of livestock (due to heat stress) by up to 75%. Cooler farm house temperatures allow for regular feed consumption by livestock, which helps to increase average livestock weight and profits.

Condensation and moisture inside a farm house quickly deteriorate existing insulation materials, and can be a breeding ground for disease. Super Therm® on houses and cold water pipes will eliminate condensation and moisture, extending the life of existing materials and preventing loss of livestock. Use of Super Therm® on Bin Feeders also prevents condensation and moisture contamination of the feed, resulting in less feed waste. Other benefits include:

  • Reduce heat stress and increase livestock profitability by applying to all animal shelters, especially poultry, cattle, pigs, and horses
  • Chicken and poultry shed insulation coating protection
  • Protect feed bins to reduce condensation and feed degredation
  • Insulate freezers or refrigeration units to protect goods and reduce costs
  • Protect goods by insulating long haul trailers designed to carry perishables
  • Reduce heat stress during animal transportation by applying to vehicles
  • Reduce energy costs and increase comfort by coating roofing and interior/exterior walls to keep heat in during winter or heat out during the summer
  • Insulate hot pipes against heat loss and personal injury
  • Reduce risk of condensation on cold water pipes
  • To provide a fire-resistant coating for substrates. Super Therm® has a “0” fire and smoke spread and will not contribute to flame providing added benefits and safety.


Super Therm® on Poultry Houses

  • Fact: Reduced attic temperature by 16.7°c (30° F) – Benefit: Death rate of chickens dropped by 75%
  • Fact: Chickens were heavier at the end of growth season – Benefit: more case value per bird
  • Fact: Current insulation materials become loaded with moisture form condensation and must be replaced every 5 years. Super Therm® eliminated condensation and will perform for 20 years without concern for reinsulation – Benefit: Saves the cost of reinsulation 4 times over 20 years of the life of the house, insulation materials and labour savings. Example


Super Therm® at a Piggery

Pig Farms with Super Therm® Netherlands

Situation and problem definition: Like all intensive bio industry in warm climates, this pig farm is affected by heat problems. The constant influence of sun radiation on the roof tops and the heat generated by the pigs themselves causes a heat build-up inside the stables. This heat build-up causes a lot of stress on the pigs and is using a lot of energy for cooling.

Advice: Apply Super Therm® on the roof to reflect 95% of the sun radiation (IR, UV and visible light) to reduce the heat build-up underneath the roof.

Conclusion: After application, all treated surfaces are smooth and protected for at least 10 years and the heat build-up is reduced drastically with up to 15°C. Air conditioning and ventilation is using far less energy and the pigs are not influenced by heat stress anymore.

Source: – Netherlands


Feilke Piggery, Loxton, South Australia

A pig farmer in Loxton, South Australia was having major challenges with his pigs managing the heat. They were laying flat on the concrete to keep as cool as possible. As Super Therm® was being applied, the pigs started to stand up and stay upright as the radiant heat was removed by Super Therm‘s ceramic insulation shield coating blocking 95% of the heat.

  • Roof and 2 walls / Veterinary shed area covered 150 sqm
  • Uncoated roof 60°c – Walls 42°c – Time 11am
  • Super Therm® applied finished 1 pm
  • Temperature roof 29°c – Walls 29°c fridges started to cycle
  • Internal temperature 28°c

Wayne Wurst, Loxton Egg Production, South Australia

A roof and 2 walls of an egg grading and fridge area were coated after the Super Therm® application at the Loxton piggery.

The company also had a light rigid truck that is used to transport eggs. A small car air conditioner is used to keep the interior cool. The company needed to load eggs before 6 am as the vehicle is parked in the sun and the trip to Adelaide is 3 hours. The air conditioner could not keep up, therefore causing damage to the stock of eggs.

The whole truck was coated with Super Therm®, parked out in the sun and could then be loaded anytime. When the doors were opened the interior was cool – no problems after the application of Super Therm®

Testimonial: Transportation Savings and Efficiency

Bob Fountain Transport

During the latter part of 1989, I heard about a product called Super Therm® which was supposed to be able to reduce inside temperatures.

Being the owner of a fleet of primer movers pantech and tautliners I have continual problems with heat buildup in the tautliners which are primarily used to cart bananas from Northern New South Wales to Adelaide. Temperatures are frequently around 35° up to 50°C. in midsummer. This heat buildup causes the produce to rot and at times the loss rate could be as great as 15%. Bananas need to be carted at between 10°and 13°C but the tautliners with refrigeration units running constantly would run at a constant 19°C.

Although a little skeptical about any real benefits of Super Therm®, I decided to test the product with the following results:

  • Inside the tautliner: when it is standing empty, it is noticeably cooler than a unit without Super Therm®.
  • The motor on the refrigeration unit is set at 10°C. (normal temperature for carting bananas at that time) will in fact idle, hence a reduction in fuel costs to run the unit.
  • The reduction in temperature due to Super Therm® has eliminated produce losses which of course was my prime concern, the added fuel saving being a bonus.

To anyone considering having Super Therm® applied to their pantech or tautliner, my comments could only be to delay the application is to waste money.

Bob Fountain Transport
Brisbane, Australia

Super Therm® reduces external silo temperature from 50°c to 22°c

Once again Super Therm® demonstrated it’s unsurpassed thermal properties and performances.

Following an initial test against 3 different competitor’s coatings, Super Therm® was successfully chosen for the insulation of 40 silos in the Netherlands for a total area of 10.000m2.

40 storage silos were insulated with Super Therm® + Enamo Grip White. Temperature monitoring after application has shown the desired reduction of the outside surface temperature from approximately 50°C to < 22°C (average temperature during summer time in The Netherlands).

Source: BASF Coatings Services Italy

KW Savings from Super Therm® = Actual Dollar Savings

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