Chicken and Poultry Shed Insulation

Super Therm® can protect chickens in many ways.

As recommended by Poultry Houses: A Guide To Designs, Systems, Sizes & Structures – from the Big Book Project, heat is proving to be one of the major issues facing chicken farmers and chicken growth in Australia.

The idea is that the poultry housing provides the following benefits for the chicken (which the chicken couldn’t have gained otherwise in it’s natural environment):

  • Heat/insulation management
  • Consideration to relative to solar heat transfer into the building from exposed roofs or sidewalls. Pullet-rearing areas should always be located upwind from adult birds.
  • More efficient solar heat transfer


Super Therm® on Poultry Houses

  • Fact: Reduced attic temperature by 16.7°c (30° F) – Benefit: Death rate of chickens dropped by 75%
  • Fact: Chickens were heavier at the end of growth season – Benefit: more case value per bird
  • Fact: Current insulation materials become loaded with moisture form condensation and must be replaced every 5 years. Super Therm® eliminated condensation and will perform for 20 years without concern for reinsulation – Benefit: Saves the cost of reinsulation 4 times over 20 years of the life of the house, insulation materials and labour savings. Example

Poultry barns with Super Therm, Canada

By Sandy Ueffing, Agricultural Sales Representative for Superior Performance Coatings, distributor Eastern Canada. I am writing as I have a great deal of knowledge on the use of Super Therm® on poultry barns as I have overseen the coating of several poultry barns with Super Therm®. I worked for several years in the poultry feed industry before moving on to Superior Performance Coatings, so I have gained different insights from producers. More

Poultry House Niagara Falls with Super Therm

Super Therm® applied to the roof of a 20,000 sqft poultry house in Niagara Falls Canada, to help reduce the temperature. Current insulation materials (Cel Pak) being used in the houses become loaded with moisture from condensation and must be replaced every 5 years. Super Therm® coated houses eliminate condensation and will perform for 20 years without concern for reinsulation. Super Therm® provides the added environmental benefits of a reduced HEAT ISLAND EFFECTMore

Super Therm over Poultry Barns

We did test with Gagle Foods which is a large Chicken farm. We coated a test building with Super Therm® and reduced the temperature inside the barn by 28°F during the summer. So, during the summer, we could stabilize the heat and the chickens ate more and gained weight faster. Then they checked the interior temperature during the winter months. What was found was that the body heat from the chickens was not lost through the seams of the metal roofing because the Super Therm® had sealed it and as the metal warmed, the heat did not escape from the metal as fast. Whereby, the body heat was captured inside the poultry barn to the point that the heat never was used through the winter months.  More

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