Super Therm® insulation coating for Heat Management

Super Therm® can be used as a fire-resistant coating as well as an insulator.

Better science reveals a way to protect you and your home from fire and other weather events with Super Therm®. It has been tested for fire resistance and proven extremely effective.

Super Therm gives some extra time for help to arrive in case of fire.

5-6 coats or approximately 30 mils thick of Super Therm® was applied to 1/4 inch steel and tested against 843°C  flame (1550°F). It resulted in a passing mark for 25 minutes before failing. It tested as “0” score (excellent) on Flame spread and Smoke spread. For a water-base insulating coating to perform as we did, it caught a considerable amount of attention at the fire labs.

UL, Factory Mutual and NASA also performed fire rating and subsequent toxicity test on Super Therm®. The “Flame Spread Index” and “Smoke Spread Index” was “0” (out of 100). That is the highest classification available, a class “A” fire resistance rating.

According to the report filed by NASA:

Super Therm® rated excellent in absolutely no contri­bution to flame or fire. This is an unusual rating for any paint product as most will score from a low of 15 up to 88. The “A” classification is the highest classification that can be achieved. This result definitely shows the quality of Super Therm®. NASA is currently so impressed with Super Therm® that they are now establishing testing in additional areas of need for the space center”.

Everything will burn given enough heat. Super Therm® will provide a few extra minutes for you to either escape or get a fire extinguisher and call for help. Source

NASA Flamability Test (pdf – 262kb)

NASA Space Flight Center Testing of Super Therm®.

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