Super Therm® ceramic insulation developed with NASA

The ceramics used in Super Therm® do not conduct heat. Therefore, you will not feel any heat even when those ceramics are burned on your hand with a burner (1300℃).

Physics show that ceramics melts at thousands of centigrade unlike metal, plastics and fibreglass and ceramics do not release poisonous chemicals. Ceramics are a natural insulator.

Creation and progress of Super Therm® was achieved in NASA when trying to develop a heat shield for space shuttles that thanks to the advanced ceramic insulation technology resisted extreme heat fluctuations.

On the basis of this, the manufacturer SPI II Inc. USA decided to collaborate in developing of their main product Super Therm® with the research centres at NASA. Successful development of the insulating coating with inimitable characteristics succeeded in particular thanks to collaboration of the scientists and ceramic engineers from Marshall Space Center (NASA). After 2 years of testing of more than 600 different kinds of ceramic components 3 ceramics with the greatest ability of radiation reflection and the smallest heat conductivity were ultimately selected.

Super Therm® Insulation Coating ©NEOtech Coatings AustraliaLater researches proved inevitability of blocking also infrared radiation. Therefore the fourth ceramic membrane was added. Applying knowledge from space environment, a unique ceramic insulation coating for civil usage was created – Super Therm®.

Super Therm® is awarded NASA’s highest rating as non-toxic, passed flammability tests to receive an A rating (highest non-flammable rating), and NASA is currently considering sic (2007) Super Therm® for application to the external tanks of The Shuttle and the launch pad (source).

Super Therm® insulation coating manufacturers, SPI II Inc. accomplished their most important task – the coating provided not only the heat reflection like other ceramic “heat – reflecting” coatings on the market but also blocked most of the heat transfer.

NASA Test Results

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