Super Therm® insulation coatings in Residential areas

Reduce energy costs and increase comfort by coating roofing and interior/exterior walls to keep heat in during winter or heat out during the summer.

Commercial, Industrial, and Residential:

  • Reduces energy costs and increases comfort by coating roofing and interior or exterior walls to keep heat in during winter or heat out during the summer
  • Reduces risk of condensation and corrosion on cold water pipes
  • Insulate air conditioning unit outer casings to prevent reductions in efficiency due to heat build up inside the housing
  • Insulates oil and gas storage tanks to prevent evaporation and heat build-up
  • Insulates freezers or refrigeration units to protect goods and reduce costs
    Reduces fuel consumption with refrigerated trucks
  • Protects goods by insulating long haul trailers designed to carry perishables
  • Insulate swimming pool decking on concrete to provide a cool surface to sit and walk on
  • Reduce fuel consumption with motor homes
  • Insulate hot pipes against heat loss and personal injury
  • To provide a fire-resistant coating for substrates. Super Therm® has a “0” fire and smoke spread and will not contribute to flame.

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